Affect Social Skills Interpersonal Success Training


Do you find yourself or a loved one encountering the following problems?

  • History of volatile/poor interpersonal relationships with spouses, friends, or family members
  • Consistently misreading social situations or misinterpreting the actions of others
  • Avoiding social interactions or social situations
  • Experience difficulty managing the intensity of emotions
  • Experience difficulty expressing or connecting with emotions
  • Have previous diagnosis of ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, or Social Anxiety Disorder

If you find yourself answering yes to several of these problems, then this particular group is the answer. Michael DeVine, MS, LPC-S & Maren Angelotti, MAT have developed a group that specializes in working with individuals who struggle with interpersonal and emotion regulation difficulties. The group is aimed to teach adults the skills necessary to regulate and express their emotions more effectively, function more effectively in social interactions, and how to overcome the anxiety associated with social situations.