Many people ask me what is the difference between counseling and coaching and why do I offer both services? The truth is that not everybody needs counseling, which tends to focus on psychological interventions for psychological problems. I have found that many people, teens and young adults in particular, are turned off by the label of counseling and the stigma that comes with it. I have found that in populations of people who are not necessarily struggling with a diagnose-able mental health disorder but rather having problems making decisions, performing better in school/work, communicating with other people, or just lost in what to do in life respond much better to coaching. The focus of coaching tends to be on helping people make better decisions in life, perform better, and understand themselves and the world around them much more accurately.

Being an author and speaker to groups and individuals across the country, I am asked frequently to provide counseling services to clients in all corners of the country. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in the State of Texas and a Nationally Certified Counselor which means that I can only technically provide “counseling” services in the states of Ohio &  Texas. While I would love to be licensed in every state, it is not a plausible solution so as a result I am offering my “coaching” services to parents and clients in states that I am not licensed in as well as providing Skype coaching sessions and consultations.  Please check out my list of coaching services below:

Parent Coaching Services

Much to my own dismay, children are not born with instruction manuals that let us know how they work and what we need to do in every situation. Being a parent is difficult work and often the older they get, the more difficult it gets for parents to figure out how to handle certain problems or situations. Michael DeVine Counseling & Coaching offers parent coaching sessions and workshops to parents understand their children’s problems and develop step by step action plans. Whether the problem is Failure to LaunchAutism Spectrum Disorders, or Addiction; you will leave our offices with specific action steps on how to handle those situations…even contingency plans for when things do not go well.

Life Coaching Services

One of the things that separate a good counselor from a bad counselor is knowing how to assess a client and determining what their needs are. From my experience, I have learned that some clients are deterred from seeking counseling because they feel as though they do not have any significant psychological problems; but rather difficulty in making decisions in their lives or figuring out what direction to go in. Read More

Teen & Young Adult Career Coaching Services

  • Do you have a high school student who is undecided about college or what their career should be?
  • Does your son or daughter’s indecision about college major/career affecting their motivation to live up to their full potential?
  • Do you have a son or daughter in college who has been a undeclared for several semesters?
  • Does your son or daughter have second thoughts about their major?
  • Do you feel as though your son or daughter is unmotivated because of their career indecision? Read More

Professional Career Coaching Services

  • Do you find yourself going on countless job interviews and never getting called back for the second interview?
  • Do you see people/co-workers who are less qualified then you get promotions before you?
  • Do your performance reviews by your superiors never live up to your own appraisal of your work performance?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current position or overlooked entirely for leadership positions? Read More