I tend to view counseling as a dynamic process that is different for each person. I understand the courage that it takes to seek counseling and I will do everything in my power to make my clients feel safe and secure in discussing the issues that bring you in for counseling. I believe that the relationship between a therapist and the client is one of the more important factors in therapeutic success and I encourage you to take your time in finding the therapist that is right for you. I receive several inquires from potential clients throughout the country and while I wish I was licensed in every state to provide assistance, I am currently only licensed in the states of Ohio and Texas to provide “counseling”. That being said, I am able to provide “coaching services” to individuals and families outside of the state of Texas so please visit my coaching page to understand the differences between the two. Below you will find a list of the counseling services that I provide out of my Dublin, Ohio counseling practice:

Individual Counseling:

I specialize in teen counseling (12-18) & young/middle-aged adult counseling (18-35). While I work with clients who have a wide range of presenting issues, my particular areas of expertise can be found here. Because therapy is such and individual experience, I have a strong belief in individualizing each client’s treatment plan. I believe in treating the person, rather than treating a diagnosis. For example,  Instead of treating “depression”, I want to know what YOUR depression feels like. I am eclectic in my therapeutic approaches but I do tend to operate from a psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, and dialectical behavioral therapeutic approach.  I help individuals with a wide range of concerns including Asperger’s Syndrome,Failure to Launch, ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD, career counseling, life transitions, bullying, and life/existential issues.

Family Counseling:

I believe that family counseling is an integral part of working with adolescent aged children and I typically inform parents that family counseling will be part of their child’s treatment. I view the family as a system and any problem with one member of the family requires change on some level to the family system as well. I will help parents feel more empowered in the home by creating structure & rules and improve how effectively they communicate with their children. I will also work with their children to understand the underlying reasons for their poor behavior and to help them realize there are better ways to feel heard and understood. Lastly, I will also work with the family to come together and communicate with each other more effectively and to experience each other on a more genuine and loving level.

Marital & Couples Counseling:

I work with couples who are in varying stages of their relationships. Whether you are having problems as a non-married couple, looking for pre-marital counseling, or are already married, I will work with you and your partner to address the problems that you bring in. I typically work with couples who report problems with poor communication, infidelity/trust concerns, sexual dysfunction, conflict, difficult life decisions, parenting conflicts, and work conflicts. I utilize an Emotion Focused and an Interpersonal based approach to couples counseling which helps couples learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings to one another as well as learning how to work through difficult feelings of hurt and anger towards one another. Pre-marital counseling tends to focus on helping couples build skills that are essential to healthy marriages as well as exploring topics that may  cause problems in the future (i.e. when to have children, whose parents you will go to for the holidays, what happens if somebody gets a job offer and you have to move, etc.)